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24-01-17 16:29

Here a video from our show at the Centrale Rock Pub

05-01-17 22:52

Federico Visini (Integral, Ulvedharr, Brutal Murder, Immune System Failure) joins the band

15-11-16 18:52

A live report from our show in Bulgaria on metalhangar18

14-11-16 17:42

Never Relent from our show in Bucharest opening for Incantation

21-08-16 00:19

New interview on IronFolks (italian)

25-07-16 17:20

Live report from our show at the Fosch Fest on Metalitalia



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14.01 @ Vecchia Scuola Pub - Palazzolo (BS)
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20.01 @ Rotten Winter Deathfest - Erba (CO)
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