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22-01-15 20:26

Here one video from our show at the November to Dismember in Bucharest

19-01-15 06:37

Trauma in the RockGarage 2014 best album list

11-09-14 14:08

Davide Cantamessa joins the band!

11-08-14 21:40

New review on Vs Webzine (French)

11-08-14 21:39

New review on AllAroundMetal (Italian)

31-07-14 00:46

Interview on Rock Hard Magazine here

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Rise of Tyrants are a death metal band with elements moving from groove metal towards black metal and hardcore.
They started in summer 2011 in Bergamo, Rise of Tyrants band a city in the north of Italy, and in Winter 2011 they get the first formation.
Shortly they start playing live in their area, getting good consents and tournout.
Notable is the show with Necrodeath at the beginning of 2013.

In Spring they record their debut album "Trauma", with the producer Alex Azzali (Steve Di Giorgio, Blaze Bailey, Shane Embury).

"Trauma" consist in 40 minutes of proud and violent extreme metal, where fast, aggressive and claustrophobic moments alternate with slower and heavier ones.
The sound is American, but influenced by Swedish death metal.
Rise of Tyrants band Each single track marks its own personality, still keeping a coherence with the typical style of the band.

After considering some offers, the band signs with Federico Gasperi's Buil2Kill Records and with Nadir Music press office by Trevor of Sadist.
Trauma is available worldwide in CD and Digital since February 2014 and itís promoted with several concerts in northern Italy and a short tour in Latvia.

In September Diego and the band parted ways. The singer is replaced by Davide Cantamessa.

The band plays at the November to Dismember 2014 in Bucharest, sharing the stage with bands like Asphyx, Tankard and Pungent Stench.
Rise of Tyrants band On the next year the band starts a tour in the Balcans but due to the tragedy at the Collective Club in Bucharest they have to cancel all the shows.
In July 2016 they play at Fosch Fest sharing the stage with bands like Enslaved, Destruction, Sacred Reich, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Korpiklaani, At the Gates, Anthrax and many others.
In November the band plays two shows with Incantation in Bulgaria and Romania.
In December the lead guitarist Federico Visini (Integral, Ulvedharr, Immune System Failure, Brutal Murder) joins the band.
After two years of work the self-produced album Abnormality in Structure
and the Freakshow videoclip are released in March 2019.


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